24 hour Comics Challenge: The Duel

Click on the link below to view the full comics for the 24-Hour Comics Day 2013 event.

24hr Comics Challenge Art

It was my first attempt at comics within 24 hours completion. I finished mine at 20th hour, spent 3 hours to arrange the digital format comics for printing. It was a fun-filled 24 hours. The original story was edited to a simpler version by my writer partner. During the whole process, I planned to draft out the panels in 4 hours but overshot by 4!  That’s when I had to rush out the inking and outlines, then proceeded to coloring. That’s the setback which upset my strokes in outlining. I was too engrossed in the establishing stage. Overall, it was just satisfactory. Since the story was cut short and simplified, I’m gonna work on the longer version with a complete story of the original outline.

This was an invaluable experience to do this with so many great artists. Many new friends made on this day which propelled me to do more drawings and realise my innate passion: COMICS.


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